Belgian family-run business

Ledent is a Belgian family-run business that specializes in the manufacture and supply of rope and string for various applications. In-house production facilitates the manufacture of high-quality ropes and our worldwide network guarantees the supply of high-quality raw materials and end products.

Our products are available via retail channels. To provide optimal service to retail clients, we have expanded our range with chains, steel wire, accessories, tie-downs, sun blind material and mats. In addition, Ledent supplies rope solutions to specific professional segments. Thanks to years of experience, we are able to meet your specific needs with an optimal solution.

In 2017, Ledent Touw launched ‘Twines and Ropes’ as an additional service. Twines and Ropes is your partner for the worldwide sourcing and distribution of natural ropes in Europe. We track the product from the plantation to delivery at your warehouse and apply our expertise for the benefit of European wholesalers and central purchasing organizations. This way, we are assured of sourcing high-quality natural rope that meets all European standards, in terms of both product and production.


Passionate about binding.


As a flexible and local manufacturer with a focus on sustainability, we are the European rope-reference for retail and professional users.


We uphold the values of honesty, respect, partnership and craftsmanship. These values govern our day-to-day actions and show who we are, what we represent and what binds us.

About us

Our team

Ledent has meanwhile grown from a small family-run company into an SME with 25 employees, each of whom is motivated, passionate and enthusiastic. What binds us all is our passion.

Our sales team has representatives in the field to serve the retail sector in Belgium, and we have business developers for our national and international professional clients.